- Our Story -

Cole is employed at a local hospital in the ER, has managed teams, loves music, family and Starbucks, and possesses strong entrepreneurial skills!

John is a secondary music educator, a performer in local productions, a coffee enthusiast, and has the scent palette of a professional!

We have a Labrador named Tootsie and we were just married in October 2020!

Together, we came up with the idea for our first company, "WIX Candle Company", one day while shopping locally in Berlin, MD. After some research, we realized how many pollutants candles possess and that candles in the all-natural market are steeply priced.​ Our goal was not only to provide a superior product with natural, non-toxic ingredients, but also to make these products more affordable to the general public.

After being open for 6 months, it was time to rebrand the company to continue our growth and we couldn't be more excited to bring you our new company Walbury Candles!

Together, we formed and founded WIX Candle Company, and then Walbury Candles, and we hope that you, our customers, enjoy every product we have to offer!

Thank you, 

Cole and John

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