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- Our Customers -

"Amazing product produced by wonderful people! Candles smell great, last long, and are free of toxins. Highly recommend​"

-Stacie W., New York

"Walbury Candles are great - that's why I keep buying them and giving them as gifts to friends!"

-Sarah G., Maryland

"Amazing scent!!!!! Went all through the house. Definitely need to order more"

-Jean P., Tennessee

"These are some of the best candles EVER!!"

-Josie R., Maryland

"I'm in love with these natural candles!

The scents are so delicious and they last a very long time!" 

-Kelly M., Maryland

"They're sooo good! better than Scentsy™!"

Meagan B., Maryland


"I love these products and the company. Great customer service and getting my product was very fast. The ‘Rise & Shine’ scent is my personal favorite. It’s so refreshing and light! I also love that they are made right here in Salisbury."

-Stephanie I., Maryland


"This is a high quality product!" 

-Deb S., New York

"I've never smelt a candle that smells as good as these candles!! They burn so nicely!! 10/10 would recommend!!"

-Bella N., Maryland

"Love these candles! They smell great and last a long time!!"

-Antoinette P., Maryland

"Can't wait to get my order!!"

Kathy N., New York

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